What Can You Do With Theology Degree?

A degree in Theology can help you in many ways, but there are several other careers that can be equally rewarding. These jobs include Accounting, Politics, Interior Designer, Research Librarian, and Manager of Volunteer Services.


As a journalist with a theology degree, you’re able to work as a religious correspondent, or even act as a regular contributor to online publications. Depending on your background, you’ll have the chance to make a difference in society, and perhaps influence public opinion.

Journalists are responsible for reporting news, whether it’s on the radio, television, or in print. They will also have to do research, conduct interviews, and write articles.

Besides producing a good story, journalists have to be smart about their jobs. They need to know how to work with a team, and they have to be able to meet deadlines.

It’s not uncommon for journalists to spend long hours on the job. Some may have to work in dangerous areas. You should also consider making time for continuing education. This could include a master’s degree in your field of interest.


Theology is a study of religion and religion’s effects on people’s lives. While theology is often a study of Christianity, there are many other religions and belief systems that can be studied. Studying theology can help you develop your own faith and gain an understanding of your religious beliefs.

Students who pursue a degree in theology will be trained in critical thinking, clear writing, and a variety of other skills. This includes a deep understanding of how to interpret religious texts.

There are a variety of career options for those who hold a theology degree. They may work in social services, politics, or law. Some students even go into teaching.

Interior designer

Interior designers are responsible for developing functional and safe environments. They use computer aided design (CAD) software to create detailed plans. Designers also learn to evaluate and analyze information, create proposals, and source materials.

Interior designers are able to apply their skills to a wide variety of clients. Some specialize in specific areas such as bath and kitchen design. Others work with retail furniture stores. A designer’s portfolio is important to attract clients.

The NCIDQ Examination is the industry’s most prestigious credential. It requires a minimum of two years of interior design education and work experience. Most states require that candidates pass the exam, which is administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification.

Manager of volunteer services

It’s not just about being in the know; it’s about being well informed. In the aforementioned study, only about 4 percent of the population reported doing more than 25 hours of volunteer work per month. Those lucky few are on the cusp of being tapped to do the heavy lifting on the frontlines. As such, it’s only prudent that they be indoctrinated into a cohesive, yet nimble culture. The best way to ensure that is to devise a formal policy. Among the requirements is an understanding of the organization’s history, philosophy, and mission. A well-defined and standardized lexicon will go a long way towards fostering organizational harmony.

Research librarian

Theological librarians support the education of those preparing for ministry. They also work with religiously focused collections. Librarians evaluate these collections, create research guides, and provide small-group research consultations.

A theological library is a vital part of any theological program. Librarians are available to assist you at any point in the research process. You can call, email, or come by the library to speak with a researcher. Most printed works in this area are cataloged in the Library of Congress Classification System.

Research librarians often have graduate degrees in library science. They teach scholarly research and lead instruction for graduate students in theological studies. They maintain information about theological subjects and help assess emerging technologies.


Theology and religious studies graduates find a variety of jobs after graduation, from civil servant to lawyer to business analyst. Some choose to go on to become politicians. A degree in this field of study will equip you with a variety of skills, including research methods, creativity and vision. It’s an important piece of knowledge that will help you succeed in a variety of careers.

There are several notable people to be found in the theological and religious studies world. These include the late Martin Luther King Jr., who led the Montgomery bus boycott in the 60s and earned a doctorate in theology at the University of Boston. Other renowned figures include Desmond Tutu and Itumeleng Mosala.

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