Mission Columbus
Imagine the secular community in Columbus spontaneously praising God because of the positive impact Christian churches and ministries are having on major spiritual and social needs in the city. To some this may sound like wishful thinking, but this is precisely what Jesus said would happen when His disciples – the city on the hill – come together and perform “good works” in His name. (See Matthew 5:14-16.) Mission Columbus is dedicated to seeing Jesus’ promise become a reality in Columbus in our generation and for generations to come.

Our Mission
• To mobilize the whole Church in Columbus to transform the city spiritually and socially.

Our Vision
• To bring the transforming power of the Gospel to bear on Greater Columbus by increasing the health and effectiveness of local congregations and para-church ministries, by creating character-rich partnering networks among pastors, Christian leaders and their congregations and ministries, and by engaging in collaborative ventures to resolve major spiritual and social needs in our city.